Today I am writing my post from bed at 10.30 in the morning! Outrageous! It's been weeks since I've had a single day off and I got back from Sydney last night utterly exhausted to the point of feeling sick so promised myself I would stay in bed and catch up on my sleep. Turns out my internal alarm clock doesn't understand exhaustion so instead of sleeping I'm 'resting'... with my laptop. 

After posting that interior image yesterday and thinking all day about that beautiful combination of tomato red and pale blue I found myself remembering Inaluxe and one of their prints, pictured top, that combined these colours. Their designs are very retro in feel, which isn't my personal style but their use of colour is spot on. Art is so important in a space and although it doesn't have to be (and in my case isn't) a painting or print something like this is a great place to start if you're just venturing into decorating your walls. 


I am rushing off to Sydney this morning with just enough time to post one beautiful inspiring image for the day before I take off. So much to do before I leave for London! This room really does it for me. You? I love everything about it. Cowhide rugs (see how lovely they look husband?!) peeking out from that big long timber table, touches of blue in drapes and artwork. But my oh my that patchwork quilt with it's hit of juicy tomato red, wunderbar! And so modern looking in that space and in all it's graphic glory. I'm telling you a touch of 'new' craft is the way to go in every space. An inspiring day to you all!


It's happening people... London is happening!!! Another post full of exclamation points is in order to say a super duper massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my presence at the upcoming London Design Festival a reality!!! I am so very grateful to those family, friends and lovers of my work who pledged extremely generously and those who helped spread the word on social media. You do rock!!!

After reaching my goal funding amount on Monday (did I mention you guys rock!!!) I have flights booked and passport renewal sorted... only 18 days and counting until I take a ride on a big jet plane!!!!


Apologies to those of you who don't agree with using leather (not mentioning my husband who still won't let me buy a cowhide rug after many years of trying to wear him down and explaining to him they are a byproduct) but I love it. It was such a big part of my work when I was wholesaling my wares twelve years ago. This collection of leather remnants above is so reminiscent of the metallics and tans I cut and sewed all day every day... until I got frozen shoulder in both arms and was forced to stop work for three months and recover. An experience I could blame on my love of leather, but I can't - I won't!

All this leather talk has had me Googling leather chairs. I know we have all seen the modern day Acapulco chairs but have we all seen this Ocho edition made from tan leather thonging?! I am now on a serious mission to find an old 50's version that is unwanted and super cheap and cheerful so I can pull it apart and resume my love of leather work minus the frozen shoulder.


Good Monday morning all. I am assuming you know I have been making the wire wall type It's Beautiful Here for a few years now? What you don't know is there is a new kid on the block! Pictured above, Come Together is the latest addition to my growing wire wall type collection... do we love?! It so rocks a white wall I'm telling you, and looks amazing combined with a simple collage of black and white imagery. Pop over to my online store The Six Week Boutique check out all the details and if you're keen it's probably best to order one before I get inundated!


Not necessarily what you'd expect to see me posting about, I don't usually find myself attracted to kids stuff but then Lieschen Müeller goes far beyond the cutesy designs you come to expect in that area. Anneliese the woman behind the label comes at everything she does in such an inspired adult way, I mean just take a look at her fox and art direction in the image above. Can't you just see this washed out landscape wallpapered onto the wall in the interior image below and fox girl sitting on that amazing faceted copper stool playing the sludge grey piano? It's all very Papier Mache magazine of which I'm also a huge fan, due to the art direction. Anneliese bought my Quilt Light Template and posted about it on her blog after which we struck up a brief conversation... can't wait to see what she does with it!

Image via Pinterest


So I still haven't gotten around to any knitting this winter and spring is just eight days away. I'm quite excited really, not about having missed my chance at hearing the lovely click clack of knitting needles but that soon I will be ugg boot free! I'm telling you  they have been getting a serious workout this winter. I can't wait to be barefoot... my favourite of all footwear. Another favourite thing of mine is this image by Pablo Delfos for textile designer Nanna Van Blaaderen. With Heidi plaits and bare skin peeping out from Nanna's super chunky knit it is the perfect goodbye winter, hello spring image. Anyway, I'm off to Sydney today to deliver one of the most fulfilling and creative prop jobs I've done for ages. It's being installed Friday so am sure I can show you some pics next week!


Image via Studiofludd

'Blue and green should not be seen without a colour inbetween'. Whoever decided to spread that rumour had it all wrong, these two colours are made for each other. I have lived in a little blue cottage for the past two years and having never really been attracted to blue as an interior colour now I am slightly obsessed. And green? Well living in the country has given green a new lease of life for me... how could it not?!

Image via Thankyouok

You know who else thinks blue and green love each other... Merci. We've all heard of Merci right? The store in Paris that besides having the most beautiful of everything on offer also gives 100% of it's joint profits to help women and children in Madagascar. This instore installation garland of blue and green dipped timber takeaway spoons is so good. Imagine being the VM for that place... I would be seriously running to work everyday.

And here it is, the blue and green paintings of all blue and green paintings!  I can't for the life of me find the name of this clever combiner of blue and green which is a shame but I just had to post it anyway. If you have huge amounts of time on your hands feel free to go through the Veronica Loves Archie blog which is where I originally found this image. An excellent blog btw! Update! I have just been informed this is Jenni Rope's incredible work!


Image via Pinterest

Before I get into the deliciousness of parquetry I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged towards my goal of getting to London to exhibit my work at Design Week! Also a big virtual hug to those of you who let me know you are loving the blog! I'm feeling the love...

Right, down to business. I almost posted about parquetry last week but wanted to let it germinate a bit before I did so. I have always loved it and often dreamt of living in an apartment in Europe just to experience it underfoot. I would never leave the house instead staring at the floor, following it's geometric tendencies from room to room. Those lucky European's, how wonderful to be surrounded by this flooring everyday!

Images via Design Sponge

Of course the term parquetry refers to the craft of inlaid timber. More obviously used for floors it also makes for a mean piece of furniture or wall panel. The incredible Ariele Alasko of Brooklyn was brought to my attention on Design Sponge recently and now I have serious parquetry making and studio envy. This girl knows how to work with timber... the craftsmanship or rather craftswomanship leaves me with mouth wide open. Another inspiring woman making modern craft. Check her out at Brooklyn To West.

 Image via Pinterest

20.8.12 CAN YOU HELP ME??!!

OMG... today has turned out to be SO special that it deserves two posts! I am giddy with anticipation and in need of your help to make today's excitement a reality! Please watch my sweet little film above and then click through to Pozible to learn more. I am offering some fab rewards for those who can help! Big virtual hug to you all in advance! Oh and PLEASE feel free to share my plight on your own blogs or Facebook if you like! Have you ever seen so many exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!


Image Funbus

After a huge weekend of work and dragging myself out of bed on a Monday morning of all days I've come to the time in my new daily blogging routine where I'm feeling the commitment! I'm not about to stop, oh no! But I am wondering who is actually reading this? What do I write about on the days life isn't so full of projects and wonderment? How do I successfully merge work and personal, after all one is affected by the other no? All valid questions for anyone who has dedicated themselves to the blogisphere I imagine...

I reckon the only way to do it is feel my way and approach blogging like this wall decal, also noting the cautionary advice of 'Warning : Hole may not be active'! By this I mean I will always be here but who knows what I'll be going on about! Happy Monday my lovely blog compadres.


Image Confetti System

Yesterday we were entering spring. Today winter... as I write it is hailing outside!  Luckily I'm tucked inside working away on a super special DIY project filled with colour and shine. Just look at these necklaces by Confetti system and you will understand how bright things are in the making studio! Sitting in front of me I have a pile of coloured MT and washi tape at my disposal especially for today's activities. To be honest I didn't get what all the fuss was about until it was in front of me, now I find myself wanting to put it on everything and can safely say I finally get it. Actually today's activities is really about you and I in a fabulous space making something very cool together in a few months so keep a look out for full details early Sept. I'm not joking when I say you will be compelled to join me. Back Monday! 

16.8.12 ALL FOR ONE

Image from Industry Of One

Due to the fact I am rushing off to Sydney this fine almost-spring like morning I'm going to leave you in the hands of a blog I love to visit - Industry Of One. A periodical exploring some pretty fab people working in their various chosen industries it is reminiscent of The Selby, also a fave. I love reading about and seeing inspiring images of others going it on their own, it's almost a necessity when you work for yourself. Amy Merrick above, who besides being a beautiful flower stylist also contributes to Design Sponge, is someone I have always found uplifting. Anyhow, I'm off... happy reading!


Image via Pinterest - source unknown

I'm a type nerd. There, I said it. I use it in a lot of my work... can't help it. I am so attracted to typography as a design medium I actually have to stop myself from using it. This fabulous patchwork-esque design came to mind this morning as I arrange my crazy schedule for the next couple of months. I've been cruising for the first half of this year and am now attempting to fit everything into the final four months.  Madness! I should say no to some of the things I have on the boil but instead I'm going to breathe, stay organised and enjoy!
Image from The Six Week Boutique

Cross stitching type is an especially enjoyable undertaking, there's something about it that I find so fulfilling. Maybe it's watching a word unfold letter by letter one small cross at a time like in my Ransom Note Font above. Oh type, I will never have enough of you...


Image by Oliver Perrot via Abigail Ahern

I don't need much I'm telling you, just the perfect blue wall, an old pressed brass wall light with necessary ballerinas on, a couple of kooky suited timber men and a matching pair of Queen Anne side tables. This is my idea of interior heaven... a strange little grouping that is harmonious in every way and that you just want to be with all day everyday. I am getting things ready here to do a self produced mini photo shoot today for a couple of things I'm working on. In preparation I am coming at everything completely visually this morning and have nothing more to say than OMG I am in love and thanks to Abigail for posting this image yesterday on her blog so I could find it!

13.8.12 DIP IT GOOD

Image via Wool Modern

Dip dyeing has been showing up here there and everywhere of late. Of course it's pretty obvious why... it looks amazing. My friend, fellow designer and SoHi resident Sarah K designed the No Heater Winter Chair above for the Wool Modern exhibition in Sydney back in April. I helped upholster the chair's throw rug which is completely fitted and sculpted to the chair, though unfortunately not shown finished in this image. It is THE most cosy of winter chairs to snuggle up in. Anyhow I digress, what an impact the touch of dip dyeing on each end of the cushion makes to an already incredible chair!

Image left, 82 Modern Style Ideas published by Murdoch Books. Image right, Inside Out Magazine
Projects Tamara Maynes, styling Vanessa Colyer Tay, photographs Sam McAdam

You can't tell me the dip dyed garland above left doesn't rock that empty corner?! I designed and made these for Inside Out magazine's project book 82 Modern Style Ideas mid last year so when stylist Megan Morton asked me to teach a craft class at her School I jumped at the chance to share this project further. In reality I had to be clever and come up with a way to get a dip dyed look without actually dip dyeing... it's way too messy and long winded for a semi-quick Sunday afternoon class of 20 people. I must say the way we achieve this look as a single strand version without actually dyeing the tassels is perfect and simple. In fact you must come this Sunday and I will teach you how! Details and booking here.

Another of my dip dyeing projects for Inside Out mag above right, this time on cushions and pillowcases. My words of wisdom for the day... come to my Make A Tassel Garland class on sunday or try these cushions at home. Full instructions in the March/April 2012 issue available online at Zinio.

10.8.12 NEW CRAFT 101

I am always on the look out for images that illustrate what I consider to be 'new' craft. 'New' being that which is essentially a well designed modern take on a past technique, practice or material. By now you will have gathered I am not so into 'cute' craft... I appreciate it don't get me wrong, no design snobbery here! But it's the combination of  modern design and craft that wets my whistle.
I came across these images on Pinterest which get my point across perfectly. What the interior shot below also points out is that often the space the craft lives in plays a massive roll in how 'new' the craft becomes.

Images via Pinterest

The wind is blowing bitterly cold here in SoHi today, can't even manage to take my morning walk for fear of freezing on the spot. Think I'll just stare at this cosy wool for a bit longer before getting to work...


Image via Pinterest

Off to Sydney this morning so super quick posting amid yawns due to a late night spent sewing. I don't think I could be keeping up my morning posts had I not created a special space to do so. I'm a Macbook girl and make good use of the freedom it allows by dragging it all over the house and making studio. It's quite chaotic in reality so setting up a little computer nook exclusive to my morning email and blogging sessions like the one pictured has had a really productive effect. With my new nook in my almost-organised studio who knows what I'll achieve. Anyway, my goal right now is to say goodbye to the nook and hit the road!


There is patchwork and then there is patchwork. Forget what you thought patchwork quilts were and feast your eyes on these babies. The quilts of Gees Bend are incredible. Totally and utterly incredible. I have been a fan ever since I spotted a book devoted to them a few years ago. Made by a collective of women in Alabama, the practise has been going strong since the 19th century.

Pieced together with old denim workwear etc they look so modern yet they rock some serious soul with all their wonky, organic placement. If you have slept under an authentic patchwork quilt you will know how warm and fuzzy an experience it is, if you haven't you need to do so immediately. Best dreams ever guaranteed...


Ok so we all know who Glen Proebstel is... an incredible stylist and the style director for Inside Out Magazine. But to me he is much more. Glen is one of those people that comes into your life and makes it richer and more beautiful without asking for anything in return. He was the first stylist to feature my work over ten years ago when he himself was just starting out and has championed me since. His new venture The Establishment Studios in Melbourne is the man epitomised. Watch the launch film above, check out the image below... all will be understood!

The relaxing image below despite it's unfortunate scan quality is from a beautiful fabric story Glen and I worked on SO many years ago for Inside Out Magazine. Shot at my apartment in Tamarama we cut, stitched and styled  five pages full of the most fab upholstery fabrics at that time. Can't believe I still have the remnants from this Moth print by Publisher Textiles packed away in my studio. The word hoarder is coming to mind. Lucky I had that garage sale on Saturday...


If you haven't ventured out and bought the new issue of Inside Out Magazine you must do so today. It's a corker issue, though when is it not? It's also the first for lovely new editor Claire Bradley... welcome Claire!

My top picks for this issue are style editor Vanessa Colyer Tay's incredible Fresh Angle shoot  on page 59 and  of course my Why Don't You project above on page 64, also styled by the super clever VCT and photographed by Craig Wall. With a stem made entirely from stacked craft sticks (aka, popsicle, paddle pop, ice block sticks) this is my modern take on a craft that was all happening in the 70's... my fallback era.

I know you have all been following my projects for Inside Out mag but did you know I also contribute to their sister site Homelife.com.au? Check out my latest, a graphic fabric wall hanging organiser styled ever so cutely by Phoebe McEvoy and photographed by Craig Wall.


I have my work cut out for me today in preparation for a very very long overdue garage sale I am throwing tomorrow. I'm not good at deciding what stays and what goes, and find myself in the position of having to have a garage sale for this very reason. I am a hoarder... there I said it!

I also have some real work to fit in today but that's going to be interesting considering the main offender requiring un-cluttering is my making studio. It really is outrageously full and although it looks chaotic there is some organisation within I promise. It just isn't visible to an outsider...

I have decided this calm, clutter free image from Plumo is my motivation for this cold windy Friday as I brave today's  impending decision making!


Rushing off to Sydney this morning so a super quick post today. 

Have we all seen the new Ikea PS collection? The 7th of it's kind this collection, launched at Milan Design Week, is a design statement to strengthen the fact that Ikea is a design company first and foremost. 19 designers have gone back over 60 years of Ikea products and re-designed pieces for today. 

Ikea just happens to be on route this evening on my way back to SoHi... and this collection, including the handsome Ebba Strandmark chair pictured (only $99!) just happens to be instore. You do the math.


I can't help myself when it comes to picking up (or breaking off) flora that does it for me. I am forever bringing it home, filling tiny vessels with it or taping it to the wall. I particularly love papery skeletal type finds that I can't identitfy immediately and are most certainly weeds. I have also been reprimanded by park rangers for picking protected natives. I'm not proud of this but it does paint a picture of why I am currently experiencing a devastating flora moment.

A block from my house peppered amongst the Agapanthus along the fence of a lovely old cottage grows the jewel of my flora finds. Pictured top right , it is a puffy, papery pod like weed that to me is heaven. I have a small collection of it but was preparing to harvest my bounty. For the past six weeks on my morning walk I have watched it forming slowly but surely, it was only needing maybe another month at most. On yesterday morning's walk I discovered my babies along with their protective Aga's had been completely destroyed. Oh, the pain!

In honour of the small bundle I do have I'm going to make a wall inspired by Pia Jane Bijkerk's above. R.I.P papery pods...